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Safety Video

safety video

Interactive Safety Videos to boost safety and productivity of workforce

Workplace safety is very critical to ensuring good health of workers and increasing productivity of organization. But training workforce requires more efforts than just creating awareness and imparting education. This is where most Safety Trainings go off the track, as they are only directed at passing on information. Safety 52 helps you in turning this traditionally monotonous process into an Interactive learning session with effective utilization of blended learning tools.


We have a team of specialists, skilled in identifying and exposing risks associated with performing a variety of operations in an informative, engaging and interactive manner.

Salient Features

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Exposure of risk factors via videos

branding &promotional video

Persuasive teaching of preventive mechanisms

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Experience of making safety videos addressing every hazard such as chemical spills, workplace accidents, functional break down of machineries, first-aid and more

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Encourage safety habits while imparting knowledge

branding &promotional video

Informative and instructive Safety Manual communication

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