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Safety Moments 

Safety Moments

Safety Moments: A series of short, creative and interactive training videos

Safety Moments is our collection of more than 100 short, creative, dramatic and interactive training videos available on lease contract which will help you turn tiresome training into an influential learning session. It features hundreds of safety and training videos educating and encouraging workforce to make the work environment more safe and productive.


The videos address a diverse range of subjects such as reporting any suspicious activity, operating only designated equipment, keeping tools in order and more. These videos will help you stimulate desired response instantly with its dramatic plot and accurate visualization of scenarios.

Salient Features


Short and impact driving safety videos suitable to act as ice breakers in training sessions


Can be run across factory on high mounted screens as a constant reminder of safety measures


Easily understood yet dramatic delivery of critical safety & productivity tips


Videos addressing subjects of universal appeal


Designed to educate, engage and condition behavior

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