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Incident Reenactment Videos

Reenactment Video

Brace up to prevent lapses in safety
with compelling Incident Re-enactment Videos

They say, “Learn from others mistakes”. This pearl of wisdom can come in very handy in preventing workplace accidents if you have well understood its application in work life. As a part of safety training, you can show your workers mock videos of real life accidents and prepare them in advance for possible emergencies.


Safety 52 thrives in producing such incident reenactment videos intended to mentally equip the workforce for emergencies. We make videos which expose them to every danger they might have to face, sharpening their agility as well as presence of mind. If you want to pass on some key learning to your workforce about how to handle emergencies and manage to resolve safety related threats utilizing available resources, Safety 52 can help you by making precise-to-detail Incident reenactment video.

Salient Features


Covering all important aspects of the incident with minute detail precision


Full-fledged facility and resources to stage realistic reenactment


Made with emphasis on inducing behavioral change


Videos highlighting lessons to be learnt


Scripted to sharpen agility and presence of mind of workforce

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