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1. Why is a Safety themed Video important for training?

Safety is an important aspect at work and practicing safety at work ensures a healthy work environment and promotes productivity at work. In certain industries employees handle dangerous equipment or volatile substances, extra caution needs to be taken and if the employees are not well trained it can result in serious injury and in worse cases even death. Training employees is an important factor than can reduce the percentage of fatality by 90%.

As the new generation of employees joins the work force, they look for better training techniques; a good Safety Video educates, engages and creates an impression on the minds of the employees, whether it is induction video or training, they are able to assimilate material at a much faster rate and are able to retain more information.

2. Why choose Safety 52?

We at Safety 52 value human life and contribute in our own unique way to ensure human safety,
With our wide range of training/instruction and motivational Videos, we have reached out to 1000s of employees, supervisors and trainers who use our videos as a part of their training program.

Safety52 is a spearhead player in production of customized videos for training, equipment orientation, accident prevention measures, safety & health instructions & guidance, use of protective gears and motivation.

Having aboard a team of veterans dictating reigning command in making safety videos for a diverse mix and scale of setups, from refineries to manufacturing facilities and research labs, offers our safety videos a competitive edge.