√ Safety Based Documentary-Drama – Safety 52
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Safety Based Documentary-Drama

Safety Based

 Safety Based Documentary-Drama for high-involvement safety training

Ensuring one’s own safety is naturally an inner drive and yet we come across so many accidents arising out of negligence towards safety instructions. But no more! Safety 52, specializing in producing engaging safety based documentary drama, empowers you to make learning more interesting and involving with stirring narration of stimulating content.


We have elaborate experience of producing safety based documentary-drama which guides us to make the videos that are more relevant to target audience and address their concerns of safety very carefully.

Salient Features


In-house studio to stage authentic act of any detail and scale


Pool of expert actors and models to bring videos to life


Weaving safety training with engaging stories


Teaching safety habits with mind-squeezing documentary-drama


Videos customized for target audience to increase impact

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